AdvntureLib is run by one, Megan Bergeron, an aspiring Master of Library and Information Science student. Megan is attending school online through the iSchool program at San José State University and is expected to graduate May 2018. Megan has always been an avid reader with an appetite for learning new things and sharing what they’ve learned with others. Megan hopes to use this degree to get a job that deals with technology in some capacity; they are currently looking at pursuing more courses related to digital services/curation and emerging technologies.

Megan hopes to use this site to showcase projects that have been completed during the course of their career at SJSU and as a place to go a bit more in depth with some current adventures that are underway in their academic career. As always, if you have something you’d like to share with Megan or just want to say, “Hi!”, feel free to reach out to them in the Contact AdvntureLib button above. Thanks for stopping by!