I have returned once more to the Land of the Living

It’s been a dog’s age since I last posted here! Apologies for the radio silence (the exception being the random update here and there to my pinterest boards), but this academic year has been absolutely INSANE. So let’s do a bit of a recap:

Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

Last fall I was fortunate enough to secure a per diem position at Quinnipiac University’s Arnold Bernhard Library. I had a blast; I learned how to check materials in and out of the library, shelf read (Library of Congress classification), supervised graduate and undergraduate students, and was responsible for locking the library up at the end of the night.

My bosses are wonderful people; always receptive to feedback or suggestions, always available to answer my questions, and all around great people. It was truly a great experience and I was able to get a good taste of life in an academic library which is just what I wanted.

However, my 12 hour/week library job was tacked on to my already 40 hour retail work week and my at least 50+ hour school work week.

I know, I know. I am an absolute madman.

By the end of the semester (and after a death in the family towards the end) I felt fried and completely exhausted. Over the winter break I had to ask myself what I wanted to do. I could have turned in my 2 weeks notice and have some sanity for the spring semester, or I could try and plan for courses that I thought I could manage while having a 52 hour work week.

I opted to stay on until the end of the spring semester. I wanted to give myself as much experience in the role of access services assistant and I really didn’t want to leave my bosses hanging with no per diem access services assistant during the night shift for the spring semester.

Although this semester felt slightly less manic than the fall semester, I still felt like I was sprinting a marathon.


If you’re like me and you’re an MLIS student and you have 0 experience try to get an internship during the semester (that way you earn credit AND its considered part of your course load!) or look at volunteering over the summer at a local library if you can. That way you don’t have to be in class while working a full-time job in addition to your library gig.

Speaking from my experience, I am happy I was able to work at the institution I applied to and i would love to work there again (preferably in a full-time position) but do yourself a favor and don’t pile up everything on your plate. You never know what kinds of life events could happen while you’re in the middle of the semester and there’s nothing worse dealing with personal stuff while simultaneously working at your job(s) and doing schoolwork.

All it does is make you feel exhausted and you never have time just to yourself. Seriously. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have a little bit of time to yourself.

Now that another academic year has ended for me, I’m really happy with the experiences I had this year and I can’t wait to be a peer mentor in the fall.  I am also noticing that its getting closer and closer to graduation time for me. I am both nervous and excited about it. I can’t believe it’s almost here.

That’s my recap! So much stuff and so little time! I will make an effort to post more frequently over the summer. I want to take a day to go visit my local library’s maker space and maybe I’ll report on it here for you all.


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