The Road goes ever on and on…


A flight of fancy on a windswept field

The countdown begins! The ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL is just days away and I am super excited to be attending this year! I hope to see some of you there and I look forward to learning how to become a better librarian. I want to know for those of you who are attending what panels or exhibitors you are most excited to see.

Personally, I am really excited about all of the panels surrounding career advice. I can’t wait to get some more tips and tricks about how to master resume writing and perfecting my interview skills. Especially considering I applied for a new job a few weeks ago; this information will be perfect for me!

Speaking of that job I applied too, still no word. I noticed they took down their job listing a day or so ago which must mean they’ve received enough applications or they’ve already found someone and it wasn’t me (hopefully not the case!). I do hope I hear something soon; fingers crossed!

I plan on tweeting at some of the events I’ll be attending during the conference, so check out @AdvntureLib on twitter to see what’s happening in the moment during the conference. Also, I have included my YouTube channel on this site as well, so if you want to check out some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past year feel free to give me a look and subscribe too!


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