Growing Up and Other Scary Things

For the last 5+ years I have been working in a retail location and though it has been fun and I have learned a lot, I’ve been wanting to change careers more and more. Especially since I have started my grad program at SJSU I’ve been craving a job within the library sector more and more.

I wonder what it will be like to have a job that actually relates to a degree I will soon have? (I have two degrees, one in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and one in Art with a concentration in Photography. And I currently help people buy the right technology or teach them how to use the technology they have already purchased.)

So this summer, in addition to attending the annual ALA Conference in Orlando, FL. I have also decided to scour the net looking for jobs that relate to things I’m currently learning in my MLIS program, whether they be jobs in a conventional library setting or not. Which leads me to my next scary thing: Waiting.

Waiting for a job that I’m qualified for to show up.

Waiting to hear back from a job I applied to.

Waiting to see if I actually got the job.

I hate waiting, and I’ll wager most of you do too. So I must ask, for any of you job seekers out there, what are some things you do to make the Waiting seem a little more bearable? Any tips or tricks for what you can do (maybe an ideal time to contact someone after you’ve applied for a job and haven’t heard back yet, perhaps?)

Today I called up one of the prospective employers I was looking at and inquired about my application. I think the conversation went really well, and I hope my nervousness didn’t sound obvious over the phone. I was told that it was in the review process and that I would have to wait a few more weeks. I’ll take that as a good sign (so far), but I do wish that there were a bit more automation to the whole job application business.

For example, I would love it if I received an automated email as soon as my application is received, another one as soon as it has been read by the hiring manager, and then a final one just stating if I should expect a call with further details/instructions in a few weeks, or if I just didn’t get the job at all.

What are your thoughts on that, readers? Some people I have spoken to about this in real life think that it would lead to job seekers like myself hounding employers more, others like it but think that it would be too complex to implement, and others just don’t see it happening at all.

Also, if anyone else reading this is in the information professional/library sector, what are the job search websites or apps you use the most? Are there any particular keywords you can suggest that might help in one’s search for an MLIS related job?

Thanks for reading! And if any of you will be going to ALA I hope to see you there!


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